College  Events
Planning a College event concert still requires following
the basic rules.  The main being that the entertainment
is key, with the budget being secondary to the desired
artist or act performing.
College students have different tastes in entertainment
which may not fit any of the promotions outlined before.
The act or artist must have personal appeal to the students
and usually are more current in their music and themes.
This doesn't mean that only a super star can fill this need
since in many cases, a lesser artist, playing the trendy music that is demanded, can fill the bill.
Our rosters are filled with a great selection of artists to
choose from...especially with enough advance notice.
Bear in mind that the costs for these acts tend to be
high also .
New names and phrases have been coined to describe
this music...some of these which have emanated from
the original Rock are: "heavy metal" - "techno"-
"hip hop" -" reggae" - "alternative rock" - etc. etc.etc.
What ever your tastes and desires...We can help.
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