Concert  Promotion
Concert promotion , as a personal profit venture, has been amply
covered in previous pages so we won't cover it again here.  All this and more comes into play when an organization such as a Service Club, Fraternal Organizational, or Municipality is involved.
The immediate difference is that all decision making is by committee rather than by an individual.  Therefore, to make the
important choices as to when, what, who, where and how, a
committee becomes involved.  This committee is usually chaired
by  a chairpersn who is empowered to act for the group when the decision is made.
This can be a good thing since responsibility will now be shared
as well as the accolades and any and all blame.  Since we know that committees , as a rule, may work painfully slow, it becomes
imperative to start planning the event as far in advance as possible.
The reason for the event, amount to be raised, budget, the date for the event (with an alternative date if possible), the target
audience, the place where it will be held and most important...the artist or act that will headline the show, all need to be addressed.
Whew!...that's a lot of planning...but that's what it takes to put
on a successful concert that will produce the desired rewards. Basically, this is "concert  promotion 101".  However, there will 
major differences depending of course, on the first item to be
considered...the reason for the event.  You will see many
differences in the application when we discuss some of the other areas for planning concerts in the pages that follow.
Concert Promotion can best be managed with a business plan
which will provide the answer to that important question...
"why and how are we planning this concert"
Once you have the answer...all the other items will be decided
 with the successful outcome uppermost in mind.
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