Corporate  Events
In planning entertainment for corporate events, the main focus
is on the reason for the event...Announcements, Promotions,
Mangement Changes, Trade Shows, Conventions, Retirements,
Holiday Parties or even for a Morale Booster.  This will usually
help make the decision on the size and type of the affair but
also the appropriate entertainment required.
  As was said earlier, entertainment comes in all styles and sizes; it could consist of a DJ spinning records for dancing or a   piano playerfor background music, to a full blown concert featuring national or regional artists & acts...following the speeches and the accolades of the evening.
Bear in mind, that the venue or place where the function is being
held must be suitable for this type of act.  The budget also will be influenced by the type and size of the affair.  The other basic
rules for planning entertainment and concerts, as outlined in these pages still apply, with greater or lesser importance given to the various items.
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Choosing Entertainment For Your Events
The functions that occur in any particular year are as varied as the
types of entertainment that can be best suited for them.
For example, a large corporation, in the span of any given time,
might have several events on its upcoming calendar:
     1.  A new product to be announced and promoted at a kickoff.
     2.  A management change.
     3.  Participation in a trade convention.
     4.  An important promotion.
     5.  A top level retirement.
     6.  An annual holiday party or celebration.
     7.  Seasonal events.
     8.  Incentive programs for employees.
Of course, there can be more or less, according to the type and
size of the corporation ranging form a top 100 to a small closed
corporation.  Some of the larger corporations have full time event planning departments to address their needs...while smaller companies usually delegate an officer or employee to do the planning and booking of the entertainment.
In either case, we can help to take the "nightmare" out of corporate entertainment planning and almost " create a picnic" instead.
This is the function of an entertainment booking agency...to help
you plan the proper talent for the particular function on your agenda.
As you might imagine, a large array of entertainers are brought
into play for evaluation and proper fit including speakers--bands--
celebrities--comedians--dj's--emcees--LasVegas acts--solo artists--
magicians and even belly dancers to name just a few.  Rest assured,
the right talent is available depending on the date needed and the budget
In the following pages, you will see the possibilities and suitability
of entertainment for various corporate events as listed earlier.
Annoucments and New Product Promotion
How can you best announce and promote a new product?
Let me count the ways...
     1.  Pree release to the newspapers
     2.  Call your local radio and tv stations
     3.  Direct mail campaign
     4.  Submit info to search engines
These are all tried and true methods but how about using all of
these with some fanfare, suspense and anticipation. 
Promotions and announcements are more memorable and effective using entertainment.
Many of our clients have used these methods to announce and promote not the new product, but instead, the celebration or
kickoff party for the new product or service...do you see the difference?
To be sure, there is some planning and additional expense involved, but the results will definitely supercede the above, forementioned,
normal, boring ways of product promotion typically used.
If the product or service is important to your bottom line...then it makes sense to investigate how it can be done most successfully.
Entertainment can play a key role...the choice of which depending
on the the type of product or service, the demographics of the
market and the budget.
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Management Changes
Some management changes are best left unnoticed and
unheralded ...but on the other hand, if you are fortunate
enough to have "snagged" a top choice for one of your top positions, then you want the world to know about it...especially your customers and employees.
If you are fortunate enough to have a "great" manager or executive accept a position with your company,it would be a feather in your cap and viewed as much by others in your
industry as well as your customers.
Many companies and corporations usually announce and
celebrate an event such as this with a banquet or party
for important customers or employees or both.
Definitely, entertainment must play a role...emcees,
speakers and bands are most frequently used.
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Tradeshows & Conventions
Tradeshows are a way of life for many corporations 
big and small.
Your industry holds a convention every year or so...Included
as part of the convention is a trade show in which you participate for business purposes, name recognition or just
good PR.  Are you getting tired just thinking about it?
Long hours talking to people, Passing out business literature
and samples...Don't forget the missed or late lunches
and the late dinners usually away from home.
Maybe if you "jazz" it up a little, the hours won't seem so
long and customers might be more receptive.
Many of our clients plan their trade show spaces to include
some form of entertainment right in their booths.
Among the types of entertainment used are celebrities
such as Talk Show hosts or TV actors, magicians, models
 and others along with background music,
depending on the space you have available and your budget.
The primary purpose of signing up for a trade shoe is to call
attention to your products and services...doesn't it make sense to have your space stand out from the others.
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Executive  Promotions
An executive promotion in most corporations is considered
an important and significant event...A new CEO, CFO, or General Manager can affect a company both long and short term, in sales and profit structure.
Small wonder then, that some corporations choose lavish
dinner banquets complete with all the appropriate publicity
and news releases to make this announcement.  If such an announcement is in your upcoming future, it might be wise
to start your planning early...especially if there is to include entertainment of any sort in your plans.
Events such as these can call for speakers, solo artists and
almost always music during dinner and pehaps for dancing.
Booking these items require lead time...especially if you have a particular name or act in mind.
To be clear, a promotion is not always a lavish affair since
the circumstances surrounding it may call for a more sedate type of announcement.  Whatever the circumstances...
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