Fairs are usually annual affairs sponsored by a State or County government to promote and attract recognition and outside interests.  They are not held primarily to make money but instead are set up to be self supporting.  In most cases, however, they usually end up with a profit.  They usually run for a week or at least a long weekend.
Activities include ezhibits and booths featuring agricultural
and homemaking interests among others.  A gate fee is charged for general admission which includes all exhibits
and access to the usual games, rides and food booths which
which of course charge for their wares.
An important part of the fair program ia the entertainment consisting of concerts featuring top name artists and acts.
According to the size of the fair, there may be performances
eash day or evening or just on designated days.  A special
"hard ticket" is sometimes sold to see these acts which are held in an area apart from the regular exhibits.
They are generally well supported by the attending fair patrons who would not normallyhave the opportunity to see
these well known artists and acts.  As with all concerts, planning is essential and should
be done with as much lead time as possible in order to get the desired entertainment.
Promotion of this top talent is especially important since these artists are a great draw for all fairs and ideally can be self supporting.
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