Festivals are a kind of hybrid since they can be held for any reason,
at any time and for any purpose.  You've seen or been involved
with an assortment of festivals such as Pumpkin Festival, Strawberry
Festival, Fourth of July Festival, Old Time Festival etc. 
Pick a theme and you can hold a Festival.
They are planned to be largely self supporting thru the use of
sponsors thru out, using banners and large signage.  There is
normally no admission since they are usually held in a designated
area such as Main Street or the town park etc.  Festivals can run
for a week or a weekend with entertainment planned for each day at a designated space where a stage can be set up.
This is the area where sponsors will hang banners and signs to plug
their own interests.  As you can see concerts and entertainment are an integral part of festivals are subject to the same planning as
other concerts.  The size of the festival and the generosity of the
sponsors usually dictate the size of the budget available for
booking the artists and the acts.
Festivals are usually well attended especially when good talent is obtained and properly promoted.  They are especially popular in small towns or areas that have a reputation for a particular
product  or commodity.
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