Fundraisers & Charitiesc
Planning and promoting concerts for fundraisers and charities need
to adnere to the basic rules outlined in the previous pages,
with a few changes. The reason for the event is obvious...the named charity or recipient...but you still need a plan to bring the event to  a successful conclusion.
The main difference is the budget.  The expenditures for
fundraisers and charitiy functions should be replaced as much
as possible by donations, discounts, sponsorship and underwriting.
Therefore, flexibility in your planning is of the utmost importance.
If something is being donated or heavily discounted, you need
to have it fit in with your planning.
You even may get a place to hold the concert or event donated
if you can make it work in your overall plan...Flexibility is an
important part of your plan.  Try to be as flexible as possible
with your date, choice of artist, etc.  One area where donations
are rare is the actual entertainment and or artists...the exception being in the case of a local or national circumstance, emergency
or disaster, where artists have been known to donate their time
and services.
However, great entertainment can be had for a lesser amount
by choosing a Tribute Act rather than the original artists.  Early planning makes many things possible to bring cost down and
revenues up...Call On Us...We Can Help.
See Our Roster of Tribute Acts on our Home Page.
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