(Reasons For and Planning Of)
Parties are held for many reasons but in all cases, they are
primarily  a source of enjoyment and entertainment for invited
guests.  Private parties are held to celebrate holidays and
special events in our lives or in the lives of loved ones.
Corporate parties on the other hand, are usually held and suppimented by an important underlying reason or business
Some of the reasons companies have parties might include:
the retirement of an important officer , manager or employee.
Rather than simply presenting the traditional gold watch at an
office gathering, the presentation is made at a dinner party,
a cocktail party or even a luncheon.  Any of these events can
be embelished with some form of entertainment depending
on the scope of the affair and the budget.
Remember, it is entirely possible to eliminate entertainment at
any of these functions, but why then, plan a party at all.  The
build up of relationships between company and employees is
a factor that cannot be overlooked.  Other reasons for a party
are promotions,  holidays such as Christmas, incentives and goal
  achievements...let's not forget that sometimes you don't really need a strong reason at all.
Entertainment for parties can and will vary, as always, according
 to the size and type of the affair as well as the allotted budget...and may include speakers, celebrities, comedians, recording artists, dance music, bands and even DJ's.
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